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Annie Play Schedule


Monday 29th.  Scene 8.  Maybe reprise and lines.  Warbucks, President, Grace, Drake, Rooster, Lily, Annie.

Tuesday 30th.  Scene 8.  Maybe reprise, Tomorrow and bows.  Everyone called.  Some ensemble members will be featured as servants in scenes 4 and 8.  These people are Shylloh, Brooke, Aurora, Everlie, and Reese.


Thursday 1st.   Scenes 4 and 6.  Everyone EXCEPT    Hannigan, Main Orphans, Lily and Rooster.

Monday 5th.  Scene 3.  Easy street.  Scenes 5-7.  Lines only.  Hannigan, Rooster, Lily, Annie, Warbucks Healy, Grace.

Tuesday 6th.  Scenes 1 and 2.  Hard Knock Life and Tomorrow.  Apple Seller, Annie, Sandy, Lt. Ward, Bundles, Ensemble, Star, Usherette, Healy, President, Main orphans.

 Thursday 8th.  Scene 3.  Little Girls and Easy Street.    Hannigan,  Rooster, Lily, Nadia, Ava, Rhyann, Moriah, Tessie.

 Monday 12th.  Scenes 1 and 8.  Everyone called.

Tuesday 13th.  Musical run through.  Annie, Sandy,  Rooster, Lily, Hannigan, main orphans, Usherette, Ensemble.

Thursday 15th.  Musical run through.  Nyc, Maybe, Maybe reprise, Tomorrow, Tomorrow reprise.  Everyone called.

Monday 19th.  No School

Tuesday 20th.  Scene 2.  Annie, Apple seller, Sandy, Lt. Ward, Bundles, Star, Usherette, Healy, President, Ensemble.